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Our MOBB     (Mercy and Optimism Beyond Borders)

Most stories about mercy and optimism don't start in federal prison, but ours did.

(Mercy and Optimism Beyond Borders) and the resulting cookbook, diet, and other products, came about when fate made its way into a prison kitchen.

Frankie "Spice" Morelli

As a way to make use of his time behind bars, Frankie had been hand-writing an Italian cookbook and enlisting the help of other inmates to type it up during their library time.

Frank lost around 100 lbs during his incarceration, and the principles he was implementing in his cookbook supported that weight loss, helped him develop healthier coping mechanisms, and allowed him to gain some control over the severe depression that had settled in when he entered a rough, long-term prison situation without ever having been incarcerated before.

As the Frank Sinatra song, "That’s Life," illustrates, Frankie had been knocked down and had to pick himself back up several times. This resilience is a fitting trait, as four generations of Frankie’s family have dealt with both alleged and convicted ‘Mafia’ members for over a century. This connection with generations of his family would help him gather time-tested recipes to build his cookbook.


Enter James "The Raptor" John

James crossed paths with Frankie while working together in the prison kitchen. When Frankie shared the details of his cookbook project, James was eager to help. 
As another person looking to make more of his life and use his time to help people, James was quickly drawn to Frankie's mission. They began working together to create a brand that is about self-help, self-love, and making life changes for the better. James' motto is that, in changing your life, you must give to get, so he got to work.

Inspiring, Entertaining True Life Stories 

In addition to Frank's body-and-soul-nourishing Italian recipes and Our MOBB's collaboration to form those recipes into meal plans that work, we also agreed that adding stories from other people who found hope - even when it felt like there was none - would be a huge help to those who use our cookbook as a guide.
We have gathered stories and advice from former mob and mafia members who each applied the experience of leaving organized crime to develop a healthy, organized life. Many of these stories are accompanied by gorgeous photography in our book.

Confirming The Science of Weight Loss and Nutrition

Finally, we enlisted the help of Dr. Sandra Frank, who has over 40 years of experience in Nutrition and Dietetics and is a highly accomplished Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She accumulated those credentials after struggling to find a healthy, sustainable balance in her body weight. Sandra's journey and unwavering commitment to maintaining weight control have not only transformed her own life but have also inspired her to delve deeper into the science and psychology behind successful weight management.


Healthy, Yummy Recipes + Eating Plans + Uplifting Stories = The MOBB Cookbook & Diet

Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle with Our MOBB 

Our MOBB (Mercy and Optimism Beyond Borders) seeks to reach as many people as possible with specific weight loss programs, messages of hope, and a community that will motivate each other in self-care, wellness, and overcoming all types of challenges, including individual struggles such as addiction recovery and social reintegration after incarceration. While our experiences do come from the perspectives of people who have been in prison, the patterns we set for achieving goals and turning around our lives can apply to people from all backgrounds.
To learn more about The MOBB Cookbook & Diet, see our cookbook-specific page or our online store. You can also contact us with questions by reaching out online. While we have bases in Boise, Idaho, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Denver, CO, we are eager to serve the entire United States and we look forward to welcoming you to Our MOBB and helping however we can.